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    Culture and Distribution

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    Compare and contrast the distribution decisions of multinational corporations PepsiCo and Nestle in India. In particular conduct research and identify significant cultural issues which would be relevant to the development of those strategies.


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    Distribution decisions of PepsiCo and Nestle in India and significant cultural issues relevant to the development of those strategies.
    Marketing and distribution of products needs to take into consideration the local culture of the people it intends to sell to. It is therefore imperative that Multinational companies be able to effectively read the cultural foundations as they expand their businesses from country to country selling their products. PepsiCo and Nestle companies are among some of the multinational companies that have bee n able to read the cultural tendencies in the Indian market and successfully launch their products in this market successfully. This paper compares ands contrasts the distribution decisions of PepsiCo and Nestle in India specifically focusing on cultural issues that are relevant to the development of those strategies in the Indian Market.

    Distribution decisions of PepsiCo and Nestle in India:

    The age old tenet of marketing and distribution are focus, competitive advantage and customer value, which implies organizations need to understand a market and present their products in a way that it is well understood and satisfies consumersâ?? needs. Pepsi has built itself a strong reputation in the Indian market where PepsiCo has become synonymous for cola in the Indian market. Some of the distribution decisions that PepsiCo has made have taken into account the needs and values in the Indian market. The company not only distributes soft drinks to the big Indian market through dealer outlets and distributors, but also extensively distributes other products such as fruit juices that are most valued by Indians ...

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