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    Demographic transitions

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    Define the Demographic Transition and describe the four phases. Is the population stable, growing, or declining in each of the four phases? According to demographers, what factors led to a decline in the CDR and a decline in the CBR?

    Not all countries have moved through all four phases of the Demographic Transition. Briefly describe living conditions and environmental impacts in developed countries that have reached Phase IV in contrast to these conditions or impacts in developing countries that remain in earlier phases.

    Finally, if Phase IV of the Demographic Transition is a goal for developing countries, what programs or initiatives might assist in progress toward this goal?

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    In stage one, both the CBR and the CDR are high, but they pretty much balance each other and there is no steady population growth.

    In the second stage, also called the mortality transition, the CDR begins to decline, and for a while the CBR exceeds the CDR, creating a population growth. Advances in medicine and hygiene brought about by the Industrial Revolution cause death rates to decline.

    In the third stage, the CBR begins to fall (also called the the fertility transition). Birth rates fall as society adjusts to the changes ...

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    The four phases of demographic transition and why some countries have not passed through all of them.