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India as a Potential Market

Discuss the demographic, culture, and media factors that make India more attractive for Starbucks now than it was ten years ago.

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Demographic Factors
In last ten years, the income level, education level has been increased, which caused the interest of people in coffee houses rather than tea-stalls. Earlier, the income level of people in India was at low level, which influenced the spending habits of the people. But with an increase in income level, spending of the people has also increased that makes Indian market attractive for Starbucks (Bloom, 2010). The increasing population of youth is also making the Indian market attractive for Starbucks as it can target those people quite easily for its products/services. Currently, the family size has also declined as nuclear families are increasing, while 10 years ago most of the families were joint families (Bloom, 2011). It is causing an increase in outing among the family members that is attractive for Starbucks.
Cultural Factors
Ten years ago, the Indian culture was quite traditional as there were less ...

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India as a potential market is discussed. The demographic, culture and media factors are provided.