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Presentation on Hybrid car market in India

You own your own company and would like to "go global!" Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors.

I choose to export automobiles to India particularly hybrid automobiles.

Analyze a potential international business opportunity. Include at least 3 resources besides the textbook. Use the outline below and the information you gathered throughout the course to complete the assignment.

· Introduction
· Description of product to be exported
· Characteristics of target market
o GNP/capita
o GNP/capita growth rate
o Size of market
· Market screening
o Basic need potential
o Exchange rate trends
o Import restrictions
o Price controls
o Government and public attitude toward buying American products
o Size, number, and financial strength of competitors
o Sociocultural forces
§ Attitudes and beliefs
§ Languages
§ Education
· Export marketing strategies
o Promotion methods
· Conclusion

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