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exporting hybrid/electric vehicles

Complete the market screening portion of exporting hybrid or electric vehicles to Taiwan using the Sources of Information Used in Screenings, (See attachment). Submit your findings as a 5 to 7 slides PowerPoint presentation. Address the following topics. 1. Basic need potential 2. Import restrictions 3. Price controls 4. Government and public attitude toward buying American products.

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Basic Need Potential:

The market for hybrid vehicles is very attractive in Taiwan due to:

1) Air Pollution has been one of the most pressing concern for Taiwan and thus, hybrid cars offer a cleaner alternative to traditional vehicles for Taiwan.

2) Overall environment is quite favorable for the development of the HEV industry in Taiwan.

a) This is because HEV development has widespread government support, including subsidies for car purchases;
b) such technology is expected to cut down pollution and emissions as well as promote development of related industries; c) more and more consumers all willing to pay more for HEVs to protect the environment and cut gas bills;
d) Many HEV models have been ...

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Market Screening for exporting hybrid or electric vehicles to Taiwan