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Total Available Market (TAM) - India

Part of assessing the market potential is the calculation of the (TAM) total available market in dollars. For India, do you have any suggestions about how to actually calculate the TAM for their service?

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// Prior to talk about how to calculate the 'TAM' for Services in India, we have to first of all, understand about the concept of TAM. So; initially, we will discuss about the TAM under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


Total Available Market (TAM) is defined as the unit or dollar value of a peculiar opportunity prevailing in the market. All the companies have their own ability of making products with the available technologies. This aptitude of the firm has no dependence on this amount. In other words, TAM is the total achievable sales amount within a specific segment, for a given product type that is mostly showed in dollars or local units of currency (Haines, 2008, pg.18). For a specific company's product, it measures the likely market ...

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