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    System Launch and Support

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    I need some help with the following questions:

    Fowler and Horan (2007) discuss and analyze many reasons for IS project failures. Review the major factors list on pp. 10-12. Analyze and discuss a major software development program at your company and discuss which of those factors you believe led to the program not being on time and on budget.


    Simon and Paper (2007) explore the topic of user acceptance to new technologies; in this case voice recognition technology. Reviewing the general constructs of the TAM model the author's analyze, discuss the application of this model and the results of the study to improving the acceptance of new technology at your company.

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    Looking at the major factors that contribute to the information systems (IS) failure, each of them can affect how the software programs are developed and how they result in programs that are behind development schedule and/or exceeding development budget. Depending on the software company's scenario inside its office, one or all of them can occur and these are liabilities that companies should avoid. In the case of my current company, the factors that have occurred that caused delay in the software release and excess in development budget are lack of effective project management skills or involvement, lack of top-management commitment to the project and lack of required knowledge/skills in the ...

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