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Processor Architectures

Instruction sets must be carried out for a computer to run, but there are myriad different ways to accomplish this. That is the essence of the field of processor architecture - implementing processors which can execute instruction sets in a specific way. The process involves both microarchitecture and instruction set design.

Two main aspects of processor design are data path design and execution unit handling. 

  • Data paths

Over the year of computer architecture, the pipelined data path has risen to prominence as the go-to technique for data paths. Essentially, it breaks instructions down into clumps and runs them through a 'pipe' that can execute multiple clumps of different programs at once to allow efficient processing. Making this overlap possible is fundamental to microarchitecture designs, and generally done in the stages of instruction fetch, decode, exexute and write back

  • Execution units

This category covers arithmetic logic, floating point, load/store, branch prediction and SIMD units. It is where the calculations and operations of the CPU take place. How the system processes a unit depends on its size, latency throughput and the connectivity of the system's memories. Generally, it follows a set of stages like the data paths, for as long as power is supplied to the system. These stages are:

  1. read and decode the instruction
  2. retrieve any associated data necessary for processing those instructions
  3. process the instructions
  4. output the results

System analysis and corporate environments

An analyst must consider several issues that will affect the architecture choice. I need to know if all items below are of equal weight and importance, or should some be ranked higher? Justify your position. • Corporate organization and culture • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) • Initial and total cost of ownership

Operating Systems Questions

1. In a multiprogramming and time-sharing environment, several users share the system simultaneously. This situation can result in various security problems. a. What are two such problems? b. Can we ensure the same degree of security in a time-shared machine as in a dedicated machine? Explain your answer. 2. What network

System Launch and Support

I need some help with the following questions: Fowler and Horan (2007) discuss and analyze many reasons for IS project failures. Review the major factors list on pp. 10-12. Analyze and discuss a major software development program at your company and discuss which of those factors you believe led to the program not being on ti

Writing Queries Based on Schemas

Consider the following database schema: Product(maker, model, type) PC(model, speed, ram, hd, price) Laptop(model, speed, ram, hd, screen, price) Printer(model, color, type, price) Write the following queries based on above schema. Use a sub-query in each answer. a) Find the model number of the item (PC, laptop, or p

Assistance with 4 study questions

Can someone assist me with the following questions Discuss client/server, three layer, and n-layer architecture. What are the differences between client and a server? What is the function of each layer in a three-layer application? Why might more than three layer be used?

Computer Science, Software Tools and Systems Programming

Computer Science, Software Tools and Systems Programming. - Year 1 information technology please prepare a paper addressing the question: Should a company select proprietary, open source, or free software for its most important business information systems? Expectations: Make sure to cover the concepts and co

Networking Problems WK5

1. Based on the Ainsworth (2007) article, are network security best practices only based on implementing hardware and software solutions? If not, how can one of these network security best practices be customized to the needs or risks present in an organization? How are the risks to a particular organization discovered or estab

Advantages of using optical (photonic) communications

I need help with the following questions: 1. Based on the Shacham et al. (2007) article, what are the advantages of using optical (photonic) communications in future chip multiprocessors (CMP)? What are the two inherent limitations of photonic networks that electronic computing can solve? What is the size or scale of the comp

Database Questions

I need help with the below database questions: 1. White et al. (2007) discuss a number of ways that database systems experts can help computer game designers. Discuss an example and support it with insights from your own experience playing computer games. 2. Based on the Community Systems Group (2007) article, pick one of

Explain basic wireless network maintenance functions

Explain basic wireless network maintenance functions. Manufacturers are continuously releasing firmware upgrades for their products. If you were the manager of a WLAN, how would you keep yourself informed of new firmware upgrades? Why is it important to make sure you have the latest version of firmware installed on yo

System Design Document for a University Registration System

PROBLEM: Course Project#1: Agile software development with UML (Unified Modeling Language) 1) I NEED HELP IN CREATING A SYSTEM (ARCHITECTURE) DOCUMENT, TO SOLVE: **This will translate the SRS Document listed in Posting #256393 into this design document. This will be the technical solution for this project, written fr

Identify the hardware devices used in a wireless LAN

Review the list of components The following list contains components you would find in both a wired and a wireless network. ? Wireless router ? Computer ? Firewall ? Wireless access point ? Hub ? Modem ? Printer ? Server ? Switch ? Wireless network interface card (NIC) ? Router ? Scanner ? Multiplexer Descri

OSI reference model

Provide the following information on the OSI reference model: What are the advantages of the OSI reference model? Describe the functionality at each of the seven layers of the OSI model? Discuss the purpose of headers. Using the layers of the OSI model as a reference, explain and diagram how repeaters, hubs, bridges, sw

LAN Hardware and Software

LAN Hardware, Software Discuss the role of each of the following server types on a LAN and the type of software licensing with which the software should be purchased: a. Terminal server b. Modem server c. FAX server d. Application server e. Database server

BLOBS and Database Management

1. What is it about a 200 MB video or audio file that makes it so much more of a database management challenge than a relational database the same size? 2. What can be done to make the data in these multimedia files more manageable, queryable, reportable and analyzable?

Use of databases with .NET

Explain how VB .NET uses a database. Briefly summarize the components of a database and the characteristics of a DBMS. Include a discussion of ADO .NET and its capabilities. Explain how commands are sent over a connection and how data is retrieved over that same connection. What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of th

Ref11) Stack elements and Instructions

Assume a stack-oriented processor that includes the stack operations PUSH and POP. Arithmetic operations automatically involve the top one or two stack elements. Begin with an empty stack. What stack elements remain after the following instructions are executed? PUSH 4 PUSH 7 PUSH 8 ADD PUSH 10 SUB MUL

Components - Memory Management

I need help with the following problem. Decribe in a few paragraphs Which of the following components is responsible for loading the initial value in the program counter for an application program before it starts running: • Compiler • Linker • Loader • Boot module or boot ROM Identify three styles of swit

Information Systems Security

1. For each of the following concepts, research the internet for information on the topic and provide an explanation as to: (a) what the concept means, (b) how is it realized mathematically, and (c) what are its practical benefits. Identify the source(s) for your information. i. Blind signatures ii. Identity-based encrypt

System Architecture

System Architecture. 20 questions. See attached file for full problem description.

Linux Features

Please help me find the answers for the problem below (at least 6-10 features and outline the main ideas of each features). Outline of the important features of Linux.

Of the two types of Intrusion Alarm Systems why are there two?

Of the two types of Intrusion Alarm Systems why are there two? Why is one not sufficient Intrusion detection systems, or IDSs, have become an important component in the Security Officer's toolbox. However, many security experts are still in the dark about IDS, unsure about what IDS tools do, how to use them, or why they must. Th

In MS_DOS the command to clear the screen is cls

Use the function call system ("cls") or system (clear") so that the screan is clear on the begining of the pogram What happend when the output is redirected In file heads_or_tails.h: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define MAXWORLD 100 int get_call-from user(void) void paly (int how_many); void prn_fina

History of Computers

Go back 15 years from today to discover what operating system advances were taking place. Describe how these advances were revolutionizing the business world. Compare these advances to the ones we are experiencing today. Please provide references.

How are Pentium chips manufactured?

Please answer the following questions and don't forget to site your sources... 1. How are Pentium chips manufactured? 2. What is memory access? 3. Discuss how registers are used in CPU design.

Network & Computer Security V

Introduction: The First Bank of Paradise (FBP) operates primarily within the state of Hawaii, although it has one branch office on Da Kine Island in the South Pacific. FBP has 27 branch offices around the state. See the attached document for the bank's wide area network. (The diagram in the attachment does not exactly match