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    Computer Science, Software Tools and Systems Programming

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    Computer Science, Software Tools and Systems Programming. - Year 1

    information technology

    please prepare a paper addressing the question:

    Should a company select proprietary, open source, or free software for its most important business information systems?


    Make sure to cover the concepts and comparisons. Please consider both technology and business issues. Make sure to refer the article and synthesize the findings in supporting your discussions.

    Also make sure to have your own independent critial views on the issues as well. Make sure to discuss rigorously with evidence and reasons.Make sure to discuss the issues comprehensively and in-depth.

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    Running Head: SOFTWARE

    Software for Business Information Technology

    The question related to the selection of software for the most important business information system leads to believe that the proprietary software should be selected from the several types of software as it is related to the most important business information system. Proprietary software can be explained as the software that is developed and owned by an individual and a company. Several restrictions are imposed on the use of this software and the source code of the software is also kept secret. It is also known as the closed source.
    Open source software could be explained as the computer software under which source code and certain rights are provided to the user under a software license. The user can change, improve and redistribute it in modified and unmodified forms. The concept of free software was launched in the year 1983, under which software can be used, modified, studied by the several users without any restriction (Shinder & Cross, 2008). It can also be redistributed without any restriction. These are available for the users without any charge.
    Different Concepts
    All the three types of software have different significances for the business. The above description of the three types also explains that proprietary software is more beneficial and compelling than others. But the recent development in the software industry may affect the choice of proprietary software as open source software is becoming the first choice of the users. The proprietary software should be chosen or considered when it has a very specific and valuable feature, ...

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