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Systems Analysts and Models

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Why do systems analysts build models? How do they choose what to model, and which modeling techniques to use.

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System Analysts build models because organizations rely on computer and information technology to conduct business and operate efficiently. They choose what model and technique to use in accordance with user need and help organizations to use technology effectively and to incorporate rapidly changing technologies into their existing systems. The work of computer systems analysts evolves rapidly, reflecting new areas of specialization and changes in technology.

Computer systems analysts solve computer problems and use computer technology to meet the needs of an organization. They may design and develop new computer systems by choosing and configuring hardware and software. They may also devise ways to apply existing systems' resources to additional tasks. Most systems analysts work with specific types of computer systems?for example, business, accounting, or financial systems or scientific and engineering systems?that vary with the kind of organization. Analysts who specialize in helping an organization select the proper system software and infrastructure are often called system architects. Analysts who specialize in developing and fine-tuning systems often are known as systems designers.

To begin an assignment, systems analysts consult managers and users to define the goals of the system. Analysts then design a system to meet those goals. They specify ...

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This solution of 775 words look at the reasons why system analysts build models and their capabilities in technology. It also gives insight how systems analysts choose what to model and which techniques to use with examples.

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