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Information Systems Position

In a 2-3-paragraph journal entry, complete the following:

Research a specific career in information systems. Some examples of this include systems analyst, programmer, or CIO (chief information officer). Write a brief summary of the career. Determine what qualifications an individual with this position would need to have and what functions he or she would perform on a daily basis.

In considering the career that you researched, describe the extent to which a person in that career will utilize Porter's five forces.

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The position considered is Systems Analyst.
System analyst is the coordinator between technical specialists, and business units of a company. The career of the systems Analyst will commence with the position of an application systems analyst. After five years experience, the person will be promoted to the position of a senior system analyst. After six years the person will reach the position of system analyst specialist.

The qualification that an individual should have is a degree in information technology or computer science. Some companies recruit degree holders in engineering. The person should have strong analytical ...

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