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    How to Manage Information Systems Manager Virtually

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    Question: Describe how the profession of being a computer and information systems manager, could effectively be managed in a virtual environment based on initial analysis and detailed research. Indicate which tool(s), if any, will be required to function in this position, virtually. Propose new tools that have yet to be created which would make your performance in this virtual position more effective. Consider all the aspects of managing information technology from the perspective of the position that you described (computer and information systems manager).

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    To be a computer and information systems manager in a virtual environment, it would be key to have written guidelines for the manager to follow, as well as a clear understanding of the corporate culture. In addition, it is important that a computer and information systems manager have access to all materials needed, including network and system diagrams, indexed, centralized files, protocol for emergency procedures, and all tools necessary to work remotely (hardware/software needs).

    The organization and the computer and information systems manager must determine the best way to facilitate communication, as well as to report on activity. This may be through logs that can be used to verify work or through regular conversations via Skype or Facetime. "Groupware", "computer-based systems explicitly designed to support groups of people working together, enables virtual interactions" (Cascio, 2012) between the manager and his team members, as well as his supervisor. Interactive video conferencing (GotoMeeting.com) or screen capture software can also be used to facilitate communication. A collaborative environment must be encouraged to maximize the performance of the computer and information systems manager as well ...

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    This detailed solution describes how a computer and information systems manager could be effectively managed in a virtual environment. It offers tools to function in the virtual environment, as well as possible new tools that may need to be created. It includes examples and APA formatted references.