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Analyze the Case for C&C Grocery

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See attached case file for C&C Grocery.

1. Using a discussion of the types of effectiveness approaches, describe the current and proposed structure of C&C Grocery. Explain in detail.
2. Which of Porter's Competitive Strategies and Miles/Snow's Strategy Typology describe the role of consultant? Be Specific...
3. Which of the Models of Effectiveness Values would you predict would be the solution to each of the four problems at C&C Grocery? Why? Assume I have not read the case nor understand the model.
4. In general and using a discussion of linkages, how did C&C's first organizational structure contribute to the store manager's dissatisfaction?
5. What effect did it have on store meat and produce managers to report to district specialists? Why?
6. What structure problems contribute to the chain being slow to adapt to change? Explain.
7. Using information found in chapter 3; explain why cooperation with stores is so poor. Assume I don't know what you are talking about.
8. How would the proposed reorganizational address the problems addressed in question 4-7? Be specific.
9. What disadvantages might emerge over time with the proposed reorganization? Provide details.

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The solution assists in analyzing the case for C&C Grocery.

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C & C Grocery

Question 1
The current organizational structure of C & C Grocery is highly centralized, concentrating almost all store decision making to the District Director wherein the store manager is almost solely responsible for the financial performance of each branch.

The proposed structure, on the other hand, solved this issue. It transferred more control to the store manager which is very important. Given the difficult economic times, more decision making authority on the store level would allow C & C Grocery to react to changes in its environment more effectively and efficiently.

Question 2
As regards Miles/Snow's Strategy Typology, I would say that Prospectors describe the role of a consultant perfectly. According to this typology, prospectors are in continual search for market opportunities and experiment with potential responses to emerging environmental trends. This is true with consultants. They have to continually update their knowledge base and skill sets to keep on top of the field they are working in.

Now in regards Michael Porter's Competitive Strategies, I would say that the best one that describes a consultant roles is Differentiation. This is so because with the consultant, the firm seeks for ways to be noticed in the market place whether such way is to offer the lowest cost possible.

Question 3
Given the four models of effectiveness - human relations emphasis, internal process emphasis, rational goal emphasis, ...

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