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B2C sites in the same industry

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Using public websites to do your research, the focus will be on marketing, sales, and customer service transactions with end-consumers (B2C).

1. Choose an industry of interest in which several companies have developed online e-business strategies with public B2C sites. This industry might include traditional companies operating as bricks-and-clicks firms, as well as dot.com companies.

2. Review several websites for companies in this industry, and then select 3-4 companies that you think will provide an interesting comparison on how companies are leveraging the Internet today. Include at least 1 company that is based in the Middle East. (Hint: you might want to include one company with a website that you think is significantly inferior to at least one other company's site).

3. Analyze each of the websites in terms of the overall "look-and-feel" of the site from the perspective of the targeted consumer, as well as how well each site has addressed the 7Cs in the model developed by Rayport and Jaworski.

4. Write up your findings, including the following:
- Introduce the chosen industry and the selected websites. Explain why you selected this industry and these particular companies, including a URL for each site.
- Describe and compare the ways that these companies' websites address the 7Cs and any other characteristics you wish to emphasize. For example:
- How easy was it to identify the content or services available?
- How easy was it to navigate between pages?
- Did the site download easily?
- Was the use of graphics and animation appropriate for the target audience?
- Were the linking capabilities of the Web exploited?
- Was there as sense of "community"?
- Was a privacy policy available and easy to find?

Based on your analysis, provide some recommendations for the company whose website you considered the weakest. Be sure your ideas are appropriate for the industry you selected, and take into account whether companies in this industry traditionally have sold directly to end-consumers or not, and through which channels (e.g. catalog, physical store, or via a distributor).

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An industry in which several companies have developed online e-business strategies with public B2C sites is the online grocery business. The industry is attractive because it is fast growing. The online sales in the US alone are expected to grow at the annual rate of 9.5% to $9.4 billion in 2017 (1). I have selected this industry because there is a global market for online groceries and those companies that are able to capture this market are likely to grow quickly and be profitable.
On reviewing the online grocery stores, the three companies we have selected are http://www.amazon.com/grocery-breakfast-foods-snacks-organic/b/ref=sd_allcatpop_gro/103-3690168-6750236?ie=UTF8&node=16310101, https://www.freshdirect.com/about/index.jsp;jsessionid=yLJVL69JSRTWvQWWmxjrbYyC2lsjPVCJqpQ8ypGMG7QdHt5GBTvc!104864979!-8553750?siteAccessPage=aboutus&successPage=/index.jsp, and http://www.dukaany.com/
Specifically, these are Amazon grocery, Fresh Direct, and Dukaany.com. As required Dukaany.com is based in Middle East:
The 7Cs are context, content, community, customization, communication, connection, and commerce.
The context or look and the feel of the customer interface is best for Fresh Direct. The visual choice of colors, graphics, and photographs and fonts are best in Fresh Direct. The color scheme and functionality are good for Dukaany.com. The section breakdown is good for that site. Amazon grocery is third in the context of screen-to-face customer interface (2). The focus of Amazon grocery is on discounts and sale.
The content in terms of appeal mix, and offering mix is best in case of Fresh Direct. The focus is on delivery, freshness, and made to order. The webpage of Fresh Direct ...

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