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Database Questions

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I need help with the below database questions:

1. White et al. (2007) discuss a number of ways that database systems experts can help computer game designers. Discuss an example and support it with insights from your own experience playing computer games.

2. Based on the Community Systems Group (2007) article, pick one of these research initiatives and explain one aspect of the DBMS technology that it relies on. Answer the question from a technical perspective and end-user perspective.

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1. One of the ways mentioned by the author that database systems can help computer games is the use of discrete simulation system in non-networked games. In non-networked games, there is a main loop that produces the animation, and each pass through the loop corresponding to a single frame of animation. On every pass the game engine computes the behavior of the game objects through querying of the current state of the world, updates the state of the game objects based from the ...

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