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    Database Design for Fernando

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    Fernando Culebra has always been fascinated by skateboards. Fernando has won several contests, both locally and nationally. His interest in skateboards led him to open Fernando's Skate Shop in Denton, Maine. Fernando sells street, trick, and children's skateboards. The store has only been open for a couple of months, yet sales have been very high. Recently, Fernando has come to realize that he will need some help to manage the information his business is creating. He has contacted you to help him design a database.

    After meeting with Fernando, you have learned that he purchases the skateboards he sells from three suppliers, but he plans to add new suppliers in the near future. Fernando has realistic expectations that his business will continue to grow, and soon, he will be unable to manage the information on suppliers and products. He realizes the database will need to contain two tables: a supplier table and a product table. He also knows that there will be have to be a relationship between the two tables.

    Fernando Culebra, owner of Fernando's Skate Shop, still needs your help. Apply what you have learned about the steps of the design process to help Fernando get started in the design of his new database. Complete steps 1 and 2 of the design process by creating a database mission statement and database mission objectives. Then, think of at least five questions you would ask Fernando and at least five questions you would ask his sister, Carlita, who works as a clerk in the shop.

    Here is more background information about the business:

    While at the store, you observe a transaction in which a customer buys a skateboard. Carlita takes the skateboard and, on an index card, writes down the skateboard model, supplier, and price. Then, she calculates the tax on the cash register and provides the customer with a receipt upon payment.
    Carlita then asks the customer if they would like to be added to a mailing list for local skateboarding events and issues. If they agree, the customer information is hand-written on an index card. Fernando then tells you that part of why he thinks his business is so successful is the active participation of the skateboarding community at events he sets up and puts on his mailing list.

    Prepare your mission statement, mission objectives, and questions.

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