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Two Primary Steps to Database Design

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We explored the two primary steps to database design - conceptual design and physical design. We discussed the importance of having representatives from all key stakeholders in the conceptual design to ensure the accuracy of the design. We analyzed who should facilitate the conceptual design and create the ER diagram.

Next we discussed the physical design step, who is involved and what the outcome is.

As we wrap-up the week, who decides which employees will have access to data in a particular database? Why should the organization be careful when deciding who as read only access vs. read and update access to data?

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This solution discusses the two primary steps to database design.

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When a database is open to all employees within an organization, changes, amendments, and alterations that can not be reversed can be completed in addition to security issues.

Depending upon the department (marketing, finance, sales, IT, etc.) there should be limitations on who can access the database. Due to government regulations or other policies that required adhering, these limitations can be read ...

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