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    Defining Data Relationships

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    Defining data relationships is an important process during the database design. Discuss the following:

    - Why do you think relationships are important in database design?
    - Provide an example of defining relationships between two tables.
    - Support your thoughts with examples.

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    A relationship is an important component of a relational database. It not only helps establish a connection between a pair of tables that are logically related to each other but also enables one to draw data from multiple tables simultaneously. The two tables are logically related to each other via the data it contains. For example, consider following two tables: students and student ...

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    Data relationship is a link between the data elements of different entities (i.e. tables). By creating this link between two or more than two tables, we can refer tuples in one entity from another. It is one of the important design elements in any relational database schema. Kindly refer to the solution for complete answer. The solution provides 250+ word answer defining the importance of data relationships along with an example.