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Database System Design and Implementation

Defining data relationships is an important process during the database design. I need some help answering these questions:
1. Describe your idea for a database that includes at least four tables.
2. Explain the relationships between the tables.
3. How did you go about identifying the tables and the relationships? What process did you use?
4. Why do you think relationships are important in database design?
5. What are the benefits of defining relationships in your database design?
6. What are some issues of having a database that is not normalized?
7. Why would you consider creating a database that is not normalized?

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1./2. For a company that has sales districts, a database would be needed that does several things. Within the database there would need to be information about the districts, including identification of the district, the cities within the district, and any breakdowns of the cities. There would also need to be a table to identify companies that currently or potentially use the products we sell. Another table must identify the salespersons and the districts they work and their specific company representation. For example, a salesperson in district 4, working Orlando, Florida works with companies A,B, and C. While another salesperson in district 4 may work in Southern metro areas of Orlando and the Tampa area and have companies D,E, and F. This prevents mistaken encroachment by either into another's territories. Finally a table of products is a must.

3. Deciding on the most ...

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The solutions explains database design reasons, and why a normalized database is not always needed, per questions in assignment. Reference included.