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    Software Development Life Cycle

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    Please give detailed answers.

    1. What is the latest definition of UML and OOD?

    2. Which case tool(s) will be useful for each of the following phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC)?

    Phase of SDLC:

    a) Requirements Analysis: Consists of collecting requirements, interviewing customers, and selecting a DBMS system.

    b) Design: There are three design types: conceptual design, logical design, and physical design.
    * Conceptual Design involves the creation of the use-case diagram, class diagram, and data dictionary.
    * Logical Design consists of creating a logical data model, identifying entities, and defining relationships and attributes.
    * Physical Design focuses on implementation of the entities and relationships of the logical database model using a relational DBMS.

    c) Implementation: The DBA is providing database access interfaces and programs.

    d) Data loading: Involves initializing and pre-loading data into database tables.

    e) Testing and validation: Includes functionality testing, load testing, and business logic validation.

    f) Operation: The database is released to production and implemented.

    g) Maintenance: Rounds out the cycle with performance tuning, data backup, and troubleshooting.

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