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    relational database

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    Create a relational database of your choice (HR database, Retail outlet database, Address book database are examples). The database should contain no more than 6 tables. Define 3 business requirements that this database will provide (hint: you may think of the business requirements as 3 questions that the database must be able to provide answers to). Based on these business requirements, outline all the steps for creating the tables and retrieving data from the tables. (Show the basic syntax of CREATE and SELECT as well). Show a sample result set from the database also.

    For example, the inventory tracking database that we have used as an example may have the following functionality:

    1. Who is the Vendor for Part #123?
    2. What is the quantity of Part #123 on hand at present?
    3. What is the unit price of Part #123?

    Submit a word doc answering all parts of the question. ACCESS is not required.

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