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Relational Database Management system

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1. Please help explain (do not simply list) three advantages to using a Relational Database Management system.

2. Trying to compare and contrast the Hierarchical Database Structure and the Network Database Structure.

3. Which entity should have the most influence on the design of a database system, management or the workers? What are three reasons for your this.

4. Data mining is a two-edged sword. Is it good or bad and what are some reasons why.

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Relational Database Management system is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation..

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Information Management

1. Please help explain (do not simply list) three advantages to using a Relational Database Management system.
The relational data bases have better performance than traditional databases. In addition they provide greater support to latest hardware technology and capacity to meet all types of data needs. An important advantage of Relational Database Management system is that the systems have very high quality security. The Relational Database Management system directly supports access permissions. It also supports user and user rights and so the security needs are addressed. Further, the database vendors support SQL standards. This enables the users to manipulate data in the databases and retrieve it. In addition, Relational Database Management system allows dynamic viewing. The view is no a part of a physical schema. Most importantly, Relational Database Management system supports relational algebra and so supports the relational operations of set theory.
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