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This post addresses access database and queries.

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I need some help with answering a couple questions below:

- What are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of database forms?

The efficiency and effectiveness of an Accounting Information System rests on the design of its Schema. A schema needs to be designed in such a way that it can easily answer the questions users ask of the database (subschema). A discussion of subschema will not be complete without the discussion of Queries. Queries are used to customize and enhance subschema.

- What is your experience in using Queries? Have you ever read the SQL commands generated by a Query in Access database?

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What are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of database forms?

Definitely the main advantage is that database forms don't need extensive coding as other methods would require. This is particularly helpful for the novice database user that may not be familiar with an extensive list of formulas and codes yet. By using database forms, the user is creating predictability and order for the user. Database forms give management and other users an expected platform of what they will see, how they will use it, and what they will gain from it's use. Any report based off of a database form can be used for various purposes, and as long as the information contained in the system is basically error-free, the forms can be determined as reliable and therefore be used as a ...

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This solution provides advantages and disadvantages of database forms, and also discusses queries and SQL commands generated by a Query in Access database.

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