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Design a problem using Microsoft Access: relationships and queries in the database

I need a problem that could be solved by creating a database in Access and then creating relationships and running queries in that database. Something like the problem below:

Tony Gambino just recently opened a new casino in Happyville and has been making a great deal of money from the casual gamblers and the day-trippers. However, he has become concerned about several players who seem to spend a lot of time in his casino. Tony is also concerned that some of the recently hired dealers might be associated with these players and helping them cheat. He started a database to track these players, which games they are playing, which dealers are working those games, where in the casino the games are being played, and how much the player wins or loses. As he began to enter this information into a single table given below, he realized that he was wasting time with redundant data entry. Help Tony identify redundant attributes and design an efficient database using ACCESS.

Player# Player Name Game# Game Name Dealer# Dealer Name Yrs of Exp Date Win/Loss
1000 Lucky 10 Black Jack 300 Bob 10 4/1/2010 -300
2000 Bugsy 20 Craps 100 Jim 2 4/2/2010 500
3000 Bruno 10 Black Jack 400 Bill 10 4/3/2010 -1250
2000 Bugsy 30 Roulette 300 Bob 10 4/8/2010 -900
3000 Bruno 30 Roulette 100 Jim 2 4/6/2010 1000
1000 Lucky 20 Craps 200 Joe 20 4/3/2010 -250
4000 Mikey 40 Poker 200

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The following problem helps wth a design problem using Microsoft Access. It discusses relationships and queries.