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    Creating Queries from Woodcraft Database

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    For purposes of this discussion, assume that Woodcraft is an online store that sells wooden craft kits to churches, scouting organizations, and other groups that need crafts for children. Save Woodcraft's database to your computer or space in our iLab environment.

    a. What kinds of queries would be useful to Woodcraft, assuming that it wants to improve its sales, relationship with its customers, or other aspects of its business? Describe what information you might want to select from the database in the form of a query, and list the specific columns and data that the query would produce. Assume that they have hundreds of customers, rather than the short list found in the database file.

    b. Suggest additional tables and information that you would like to see in a database like this, the kinds of queries that it would facilitate, and how such queries would help the company improve its business goals of profitability, cost reduction, or other business strategies.

    c. Using the Woodcraft database file, create some queries that use concepts found in the textbook, as well as this week's lab. Post a screenshot of your query design and result set in a Word document.

    d. Research one new feature that you haven't studied as it relates to query generation, and show how you could use that feature to create a useful query. Use the Woodcraft database to showcase this query-generation technique and post it in this discussion.

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    a) To improve sales:
    Track high income customers. These are the customers that must be followed up for future sales.
    Rank the income from highest to ...

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    The solution suggests ways for Woodcraft to improve sales by tracking high income customers using the data recorded in their database. It also advises the company to improve its relationship with the customers. Finally, the database structure must be improved to reflect fields such as unit cost, depreciation, cost of sales, and net sales.