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Using SQL Management Studio to Create a Database.

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Please refer to the attached document for data.

Use SQL Management Studio to create a database called ITD640_P1.MDF. Add the tables and data shown below to the database. Use the appropriate field types and lengths for the tables.

Create the following queries and save them all in a file called ITCO630_P1.SQL. Please note that you can execute individual queries in a query file by highlighting the lines that you want to execute before running the script. Define what database to use with a USE statement.
- Get the full details of the employee table.
- Get the full details of the employees who work in store S2.
- Get the full details of the promotions with a budget greater than $100,000.
- Get the employee number and promotion number for employees with unknown (NULL) jobs who work on promotion P2.
- Using a subquery, get the first and last names of the employees who work in the Orange Appeal store.
- Using a subquery, get full details of all the employees whose stores are located in Orlando.
Detach the database and create a zip file called ITCO630_P1.ZIP including the associated log file and the query file. After creating the zip file, reattach the database

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