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SQL Database system for Invoicing

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I need help with the following for review and understanding. For the project, you will be creating a database system to solve a business problem of your choice. The database system must meet the criteria shown below. In addition to the database solution, each student will prepare a system summary.

Database System Requirements:

Create a database and name it ITD640_GPweiss. Populate your database with appropriate test data.
Include all of the scripts in a single file called ITD640_GPweiss.SQL.
Create at least three related tables in the database.
Create at least two stored procedures and a script to use each of them.
Create at least one view (using a script).
Create at least one trigger.
Create at least five useful queries. At least one of these queries should use a subquery, and at least one of the queries should use an aggregate function.
All scripts should be well documented.

Individual Summary:

In addition to the work described above, prepare a summary document with the following information. This document will be submitted as a separate item along with the ZIP of the database and the associated files.

Final deliverable...

a word document describing the system
an ERD or other graphical representation of the system
a description of the views, stored procedures, triggers, and queries
step-by-step instructions on how to run the queries that will demonstrate the functionality of the system
a summary of strengths and weaknesses of the system, as designed
Each student will submit the database, a log file, query files in a zip file called ITD640_GP.ZIP, and his or her own individual summary document as a separate submission. You will have to detach the database before creating the zip file.

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Dear Student,

Please find attached the ITD640_GP.zip file containing all the deliverables. Please read the word document that describes a simple financial Invoice ...

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A SQL database system consisting of 3 tables, stored procedures, trigger, view was requested. As a solution a Financial Invoice database system was designed and implemented. A word document provides a functional and technical overview of the system with a database diagram. The Invoice Database System is implemented on SQL Server 2005 and consists of the following main entities: Customer, Tax, Invoice
The objective of the system is to be able to store simple financial records of invoices (bills) to customers. An invoice can consist of one or more detail lines holding information about the product (item), quantity and price. The system performs simple tax calculation based on the tax code associated with each invoice line. Simple integrity rules are set in place, preventing invalid customer codes, tax codes, lost invoice details.