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    The use of databases software

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    Prepare a 2-page memorandum (350 words per page) analyzing the use of databases in a credit card organization. Include what database applications are used or may be used and why they are used (Microsoft Access, DB2, Oracle, etc.). Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organizations, restrict the scope of the paper to a Telephone call center or Customer service departments.

    please include an abstract and include any references EXCLUDING information found in http://en.wikipedia

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    //The given discussion paper is in the form of a memorandum. In the introduction part of the memo I am describing the detailed information of database and their use in the various forms for different purposes in credit card organizations. The concept of the database is described me in the introduction part of the discussion paper.//


    Date: January 16, 2009

    To: ABC

    From: XYZ

    Subject: Database

    Collection of Data, used to store in the Computer.

    Objective: To Analyze the use of databases and describe their applications.


    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the methods of using a database in the credit card organization. There is also a description of database applications, which are used by the credit card organizations. There are various types of databases like Microsoft access, oracle and D2B, which are used by these credit card organizations to analyze the functioning and identifying any error, which further assists these organizations to correct the errors.


    Databases are used by the organizations for updating the interrelated systems and improving the functioning of different programs and activities. Databases are used to accomplish the key tasks and functions effectively and to cope up with the technological changes occurring in the environment. In Present Scenario, databases are used increasingly by credit card organizations to provide the customized services to the users of credit cards, which also assist these organizations to meet the unmet needs of the customers. Databases range from small size, which can be used on PC's to large size, used on Mainframe Computers. The information is collected according to the structure of the database models. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1049 words with references.