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the use of databases

Instruction: Prepare a memorandum analyzing the use of databases in your organization. Include what database applications are: Microsoft®, DB2, Oracle etc. Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organization restrict the scope of the paper to the department in which you work.

? Use Memo structure
? List references.

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TO All Employees of Anderson Associate:
FROM: Timothy Fitzgerald, Information Technology Associate
DATE: October 16, 2009
SUBJECT: Databases and Their Uses:

Databases offer a system for storing, managing and recovering information. Usually information is stored in a database in the form of a table. Typically, in a database each column contains a different type of attribute whereas each row has a single record. Databases have logically related records or files that can be viewed or retrieved by one or several users. The information or 'data' is organized in a database according to the database model.

There are several uses for which databases can be used in our company. Our company has a large accounts department, the use of databases will streamline the accounts recording, storing, report preparation, and auditing. In our company there are several items in the inventory of raw materials as well as inventory of finished goods. Using a database for inventory will enable the company to closely monitor and control the inventory and reduce inventory carrying cost. The human resource ...

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