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    Relational databases

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    We are operating on relational databases. Databases are classified according to their function (i.e. what they do) and they are classified according to their structure (i.e. the way they save and organize the data). What other kinds of databases exist? Why have relational databases replaced the other types of databases?

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    What other kinds of databases exist?

    1. Operational databases (OLTP): These databases are mainly for hosting a large amount of customer data, personal data, or inventory data. It is also called an operation or production database, a subject area database (SADB) or a transaction database. The data can be manipulated (updated, deleted) depending on the day-to-day business requirements.

    2. Database warehouses: Companies like Amazon/Walmart require the upkeep of a large amount of data for a large number of years. This large amount of data is already passed through data validation, updates, and integration checks, so the data ...

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    This solution discusses the different types of databases that exist, with a focus on relational databases as they are very commonly used.