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Retail company to convert data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

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Explain the usefulness and benefits for a retail company to convert data held in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into a relational database using Microsoft Access.

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The expert examines a retail company converting data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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Information Systems

Many companies or businesses use the Excel spreadsheet to track their sales. Some companies have been using a spreadsheet for so long and with time with so much data there could be some drawbacks to using the spreadsheet. In an Excel spreadsheet, data can be displayed in chart form, or tables, displaying the data in different forms; however, it can be quite cumbersome when having to retrieve data. Plus, the spreadsheet offers little or no data validation as well as little or no protection against data corruption from poorly trained users ("Spreadsheet vs. Database", 2012). Plus you are limited by the number of rows you can use to store data. Therefore, for a retail company that has a lot of data from sales, customer information, and employee information and so forth it would be more viable to convert such data from the spreadsheet into a relational database.

Microsoft Access provides users with a much simpler solution and the number of rows and the number of ...

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