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Normalization of an Excel Spreadsheet

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Analyze samples of RoboBoys current Excel spreadsheets (click here to download) and draft a description of how it can be converted into a RDBMS. You can use words, graphics, or a combination, but it must be understandable by Jim and Tim, who do not have a database background and are just beginning to learn from you.

Please submit your assignment.

For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Applications Lab.

Instructor Comments:

Be sure to show proposed:


· fields

· keys, and

· relationships
NOTE: An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) works best for this; no need to write a lot of text.
NO references required for this task :-)

How do you convert excel spreadsheets into an RDBMS? along with an erd diagram?

i am stumped!

I NEED examples using the supplied excel spreadsheets!

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First, see the PDF of an industry-standard table of puppy data (basically) a spreadsheet at

Here is the process that was taken to take that table (spreadsheet) and convert it into a RDBMS, from an IBM source:

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Description and supporting image of transforming spreadsheet data into a normalized set of database tables.

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