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Database Normalization

Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the following information. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a short summary (2-3 paragraphs) of the problems with the original single table design and how normalization improved the design.
? Order_id
? Order_date
? Customer_id
? Customer_name
? Customer_address
? Customer_city
? Customer_state
? Item_id
? Item_description
? Item_qty
? Item_price
? Item_total_price
? Order_total_price

Please consider the following functional dependencies (FDs):
Order_Id -> Customer_id, Order_date, Order_total_price
Item_Id, Order_Id -> Item_Qty, Item_total_price, Item_description, Item_Price
Customer_id -> Customer_Name, Customer_Address, Customer_City, Customer_State
Item_Id -> Item_description, Item_price
You will use these FDs as you analyze the table for normalization.
Also, we do not want to loose any information (e.g. Order_total_price is potential derivable from other pieces of data, we want that field to show up in one of the resulting tables).

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The above columns can be divided into 4 tables of each in 3 NF as shown below. Check the attached document for ...

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