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An explanation of database normalization with and example

1. What is normalization? Why is it important?

2. What is functional dependency?

3. Why is this table NOT in First Normal Form (1NF) normalization? What can you do to put it in 1NF?

OrderNum OrderDate PartNum NumOrdered
21608 10/20/2007 AT94 11
21617 10/23/2007 BV06 2
CD52 4
21619 10/25/2007 DR93 1

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Database normalization is the process of modifying the database schema (structure) to improve efficiency when doing general queries against the database. Normalization also eliminates bad or difficult database issues that make it difficult to find data in a database. For example, one normalization rule says that every row in a database table must have a unique key that identifies that row. This ensures that it is possible to efficiently retrieve data based on that key. Consider if a table of employees used the employee last name as the key. If there are two employees named Mary Smith and Jane Smith then it will not be possible to identify each ...

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This solution explains what database normalization is and provides an example.