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    Normalization Techniques a Database

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    Generally, we use normalization techniques a database. using the Bowen et al. (2004) article, discuss the disadvantages of normalizing the database to a high degree of normalization, discuss whether there should be a hard and fast rule on when to stop normalizing.

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    Normalization is a process of reducing redundancies of data in a database; it has its disadvantages like everything else, but seems to have more benefits. Normalization is a technique that is used when designing and redesigning a database. Normalization is a process or set of guidelines used to optimally design a database to reduce redundant data; it requires much more CPU, memory, and I/O to process transactions and database queries than does a denormalized database. A normalized database must locate the requested tables and then join the data from the tables to either get the requested information or to process the desired data. A database that is NOT normalized may include data that is contained in one or more different tables for no apparent reason. This could be bad for security reasons, disk space usage, speed of queries, efficiency of database updates, and, maybe most importantly, data integrity. A database before normalization is one that has not been broken down logically into smaller, more manageable tables.

    There may be no hard or fast rule on when to stop normalizing; it depends on one's system. Denormalization is the process of taking a ...

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    729 words use a Bowen et al. article to discuss possible disadvantages to normalization.