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Transforming normal forms in database systems

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Provide detailed explanation as to how normal forms can be transformed from lower normal forms to higher normal forms.

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The solution explains how to transform from lower to higher normal forms.

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Dear Student,

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Explain how normal forms can be transformed from lower normal forms to higher normal forms.
Please provide in detail. This question is for my computer class which is Database Systems. Can you help me with a better understanding of this topic?

Normalization in database design is a process that helps in checking the quality of relations between or amongst entities in the database. In this process relations with problems are converted to relations with lesser problems or anomalies. This thought leads to the number of normal forms that a database can be designed in. A database generally begins with the First Normal Form as coined by database guru E.F. Codd.

Normalization is important to 'clean up' data in most database designs due to undesirable relations. This is because data needs to be inserted or removed so that the related data can get impacted by these activities. These undesirable impacts are called anomalies (due to insertion or deletion) and normalization from one form to the next can help get rid of identified anomalies.

The 1NF database tables must meet the definition of a relation i.e.
- This means that the cells of the table must be of single value, and neither repeating groups nor arrays are allowed as values
- All entries in a column must of the same kind
- Each column must have a unique name
- No two rows in a table can be identical

The following table is an example of ...

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