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Relational Database Components

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I need help with doing some web search research on relational databases and explain briefly how such a database works, and basic components. Then, go to a website with a data entry form and discuss that form in terms of a relational model. I also want to include important information about linking two flat files, what information goes into each file, and what may possibly be used as a key field.

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The relational database components are examined.

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1. How do relational databases work?

Relational databases are software programs, which store, organize, and manage access to data. A simple relational database would be a text file. If you store first name and last name in each row in the file, like this:

Joe Smith
Anna Leopard
Jenny Brown

This above is a list of rows, and columns. At a basic level this is a database. In a next text file you could put the age of each person:

Joe 23
Anna 18
Jenny 32

Each of these files would be considered a "table". Each line is a "row", and each column a "field". The two files relate to each other by the first name of the person. That's how it is relational. Most databases will have internal controls to make sure the relations are valid and cannot be broken. The primary key in our files would the first name of the person. This is obviously a poor decision, because if we try to add Joe Shmoe, the name Joe is ...

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