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    Intranet for a Health Care Organization

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    Imagine you work for a health care or human service organization that does not use an intranet. Write a proposal to management that lists the elements of an effective intranet, why each element is important, and the benefits of building an intranet as opposed to only using the Internet.

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    // Intranet is one of the growing needs of the Modern Organizations. In this paper, we would be exploring the use of Intranets in an Organization. Before writing this paper, we have to be aware of the term as a part of introduction, wherein; we are going to introduce the topic//


    The intranets could be defined as the internal company network that uses Internet standards, namely hyper text mark-up language (HTML), hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP), Transmission control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). These types of network are used for the private communication process and to connect the various working groups in a large organization. The intranet could not be accessible by the people outside the organization. In addition, due to the restricted geographical array, it offers a closed loop bandwidth structure and advanced networking, technology control, etc. (Jawadekar, 2005). On the basis of above features, we can describe the intranet as a network of set of computers (servers) connected through TCP.IP communication protocols that stores data in various locations accessed by computers (clients) distributed at various ...

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