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    State diagrams used in object-oriented design

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    Whodunit offers unique computer forensics services to a nationwide client base of businesses and private individuals seeking evidence of specific kinds of computer use. Whodunit staff members are experts in their specialized area of computer investigations, but they lack the knowledge and skills to create the computer system needed to store and organize the information they collect. Whodunit would like your company to design a system to help them categorize, sort, store, and otherwise manipulate the thousands of artifacts they collect using your well-known expertise in object-oriented analysis and design. Additional information about Whodunit's needs shall be provided for each phase of the design process.


    How are state diagrams used in object-oriented design in general, and how would you use this type of diagram in the design process for Whodunit's new system? What is a specific example when you might apply a state diagram to their design process?

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    This solution designs a system to help categorize, sort and manipulate the artifacts Whodunit collects using an object-oriented analysis and design.