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Find resources on Visual Basic. Select your favorite three and explain what they have to offer. Also discuss the differences between Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Object-Oriented Design (OOD). Offer examples of how each can be applied in real life. Use proper terminology.

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The text book "Programming with Visual Basic" by Diane Zak is a very good book to start learning VB from scratch. It includes "Read This Before You Begin" sections, Tutorial Cases, Lessons, Step-by-Step Methodology, Help, GUI design tips, Summaries, and detailed Questions and Exercises. In addition, it also has Discovery Exercises and Debugging Techniques included for helping students learn innovatively and constructively.
The VB Code website (http://www.vbcode.com/) is also a very useful website. It includes popular codes and recent codes submitted by amateur VB users which are very useful for beginners to learn from and seek help. It also contains a list of books which can act as further referrals as and when required.
The website on technique tips (http://www.tek-tips.com/) is also quite useful. It has a forum where concerned students can post their questions, hints, queries, and doubts, which can be responded to by others. It includes a detailed FAQ section which lists problems experienced in general by students and possible solutions as well.
Object Oriented Programming is a high level language method of programming ...

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