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Simple Student Information Database Implementation

Simple Student Information Database Implementation
Programming language: C++

Database Description.
Each record in the database has following fields:
1) 8 digit student ID
2) Last name
3) First name
4) Telephone number
5) Major
6) GPA
7) Year of birth
8) Month of birth
9) Date of birth
10) Home address

There is no predefined limitation on the number of records (linked list needed)

Program behavior
Initially the program should read a file to add some records into the database
Then the program needs to give interface for following operation repeatedly
1) insert a new record
2) delete record/records with given student ID
3) list all student information following the order they are saved
4) Reorder all student information following ascending/descending order by ID or GPA or birthday (consider year, month and date together)
5) list students in a given major, or a given ID

Additional requirement
1) Organize code in classes with proper .h and .cpp file structure
2) Submit readme file explaining the interface in your design
3) You can use any sorting algorithm discussed in class

What to submit
1) All source codes
2) Readme file

-- Added files are just an example of sorting method. We use visual studio c++ to do the program. You can use or modify the files.

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