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Summary of Meeting Notes with Librarian

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Can you read the attached file and combine and summarize the individual meeting notes in 1-2 pages?

"Each student is expected to meet (in-person, by phone, Skype or other communication means) with a reference librarian at University and discuss their research topic with the goal in mind to learn about use of University's database sources relevant to student's research topic. Each student is expected to write a summary of meeting notes."

See the attached file.

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The solution provides a summary of meeting with a librarian.

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Summary Meeting Notes with Librarian:

My meeting with the librarian started with the open confirmation that as a librarian, they were ready to help me through every step in my research for appropriate material. In the library, there are simple outlined steps that enable a researcher to find the necessary information to extensively explore the topic one is handling. Through the help of three librarians- among them two librarians and the senior library supervisor, I become well versed on how to utilize the university database to retrieve information that is relevant with my research topic. This equipped me with know how on how to utilize the five tabs set by Business Analysis. It is also paramount to note that students are expected to narrow down their research topic for easy retrieval of the relevant data. Through out the educative meeting that I had with the librarian, I uncovered the following essential insights.

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The search for key words will enable a student to expound on all the subtopics that will make the selection of the appropriate ...

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