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    Presentation on an Investment Idea

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    Presentation (14 slides min)

    you are meeting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other officers of an investment company to obtain a loan for your idea or project from the past (a hobby you enjoy, a business you own or would like to start, or an idea for a new product). Your meeting will last 35 minutes. You must get them to loan you the money for your idea or project or the project will fade away.

    Keep in mind, in this scenario, you must create a persuasive PowerPoint presentation with speaker's notes that will be used to sell your idea to the investment company. Obviously, you must have a unique strategy plan and approach to make the presentation memorable. Your presentation should have research and citations in APA style, graphics, and appropriate art work. (Hint: Incorporate at least four specific ideas to make your presentation memorable).

    As you are preparing, it is important to consider the following points of interest that will guide you through this assignment:

    Your detailed plan must touch on all the points that are listed.

    Your PowerPoint presentation must have the following slides:

    Title slide
    Agenda slide
    Minimum of 10 slides for the body
    Summary slide
    Reference slide
    Each slide must have a consistent appearance:

    Background color
    Color scheme
    Font size
    Bullet points and numbered lists
    Content flow
    Hint: Be sure to watch for wordiness, and use effective transitions and graphics throughout your presentation. Each of these areas could be a potential distraction from your presentation and your audience

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    PowerPoint presentation on an investment idea that includes Title slide Agenda slide, Minimum of 10 slides for the body, Summary slide, Reference slide, consistency, background color, Color scheme, Font size, and Bullet points and numbered lists.