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    Lesson Planning for Community Service

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    A possible community service project: a student chosen, designed and presented to adults presentation (designed for seniors in HS, but could be adapted to any group of class) to benefit the students and school with positive public relations, and to help fulfill required documented community service hours for graduation.

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    Many schools now require community service hours for students as part of their requirements for graduation. Even if your school isn't one of those, there are many valuable lessons to be taught using community service as the tool, and often the state mandated curriculum learning standards include community service. This posting addresses one idea as an example lesson that can be a valuable addition to the school and community, and would serve as a positive public relations project, as well. A handout with scoring rubric describes the project idea, and an accompanying Powerpoint presentation helps introduce the project to the students.

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    The Solution provides a community service project idea with student scoring rubric and Powerpoint presentation.