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The Brain- Based Curriculum

Choose one of the following topics for your post. Provide a comprehensive discussion of the selected topic.

â?¢ Planning curriculum with the brain in mind.
â?¢ Hallmarks of brain-based learning.
â?¢ Brain-based Assessment styles that work and those that do not work with students today.

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Brain-based learning is based on a theory that if the structure and the function of the brain are not prevented from completing their normal tasks, learning will take place. We all learn all the time. Everyone has a brain that is an enormously powerful processor of information. However not everyone learns in the same way. For this reason brain based learning theorists contend that teachers must accomodate active learning methods to gain their student's interest and enable them to attain higher levels of cognition. The curriculum that is planned with the brain in mind needs to consist of lessons and activities that enable students to think critically and challenge them so that they are motivated and engaged.

The brain based curriculum should be planned with complete immersion in mind. Lessons and units need to be planned that incorporate all subject areas. Teachers should plan to have the class totally immersed in a culture that it is studying, ...

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This solution explains how to plan for a brain-based curriculum.