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    Distant Learning Project: Successful Presentation

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    Distance Learning: Selling Idea & Presentation Points

    Your meeting with the CEO and other officers of the distance learning investment company will last for 35 minutes. You must get them to buy into your idea or the project will fade away.

    You need to detail in depth what you plan in order to be prepared to give this presentation. In a Word document type out your plan which should include the following:

    An outline of the presentation points (you will then use these to develop your PowerPoint)
    List of materials needed
    Image you want to portray and reasons for specific items needed to portray a particular image to your audience
    What you plan to wear
    Conclude with your unique strategy plan and approach to make the presentation memorable (incorporate at least four specific ideas to make it memorable from the material covered in units 4 and 5).
    Then create the persuasive PowerPoint presentation you will use to sell your message to the investment company in this scenario.

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    Please see response attached (also presented below), which you can draw on to successfully complete your PowerPoint presentation. I hope this helps and take care.

    1. An outline of the presentation points

    1. Distant Education
    - Company goal
    - Credit-granting courses offered to elementary and secondary school students; teacher and students in different locations
    - Will meet increasing need for distant education

    2. Distant Education is on the rise
    - "Distance learning has helped small rural high schools offer more courses.
    - Upper-division math and science as well as dual college..." (Rachel B. Tompkins, president; The Rural Trust).
    - e.g. A new survey from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reveals approximately one-third of the nation's school districts offer distance-learning courses and 72 percent of them plan to expand their offerings (http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm? artId=16881).

    3. Need for the company
    - What's out there?
    - "Distance learning is expanding the offerings for many of our nation's high schools," (Susan Patrick, director of the department's Office of Educational Technology).
    - "It is not replacing courses, but adding to the curricular offerings' (Susan Patrick)
    - It is another way to bring courses to areas with highly qualified teachers
    - At any time and any place.
    - Small and rural schools are finding distance learning a viable solution for offering advanced placement courses (Susan Patrick)
    - Offer rigorous math, science, and foreign-language courses not otherwise available at the school." (Susan Patrick).

    4. Technology increases Demand
    - The new technology available
    - Courses (often from postsecondary institutions) are delivered using a variety of technologies, primarily two-way interactive video or the Internet.

    5. Allow districts to offer courses that would otherwise be unavailable
    - Increase Advanced Placement choices
    - Better meet the requirements of students with specific needs, such as those learning English as a second language
    - High-poverty districts in particular report distance learning is a valuable tool for serving students with ...

    Solution Summary

    Referring to a distant education scenario, this solution provides a detailed outline of the presentation points and also lists the potential materials required. It also suggests an image the presenter would want to portray and reasons for specific items needed to portray a particular image to your audience, including dressing attire. It concludes with a suggested unique strategy plan and approach to make the presentation memorable.