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    You are meeting with the CEO and other officers of an invest

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    You are meeting with the CEO and other officers of an investment company to obtain a loan for your idea or project from Unit 1 Individual Project (a hobby you enjoy, a business you own or would like to start, or an idea for a new product). Your meeting will last 35 minutes. You must get them to loan you the money for your idea or project or the project will fade away. (NOTE: You will need research to gain their approval and support your idea.) I did my UNIT 1 as a hobby on me and my grandchildren. I showed how we enjoyed our time together. I would like my presentation to be on a project for grandparents and their grandchildren.

    Keep in mind, in this scenario, you must create a persuasive PowerPoint presentation with speakers notes that will be used to sell your idea to the investment company. Obviously, you must have a unique strategy plan and approach to make the presentation memorable. Your presentation should have research and citations in APA style, graphics, and appropriate art work. (HINT: Incorporate at least four specific ideas to make your presentation memorable.

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    We are a company named GrandkidsTM that operate social centers for grandparents and their grandchildren to come and interact with each other.

    We are interested in setting up facilities for construction of our first GrandkidsTM center.

    We are intestested in finance of $1.7M for the launching of the Project.

    We are likely to be successful because we have extensive experience and personal interest for the past 15 years.

    We are aware of the market trends, have access to communities, etc.

    If we are given the loan there is no chance of the money not being repaid as we are a going concern and have a reputation for repaying loans on time.

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    The product:

    The GrandkidsTM center will be a social center for grandparents to interact with each others. It will also be a childcare center while their grandparents are interacting socially. There will be different areas for adults and children to play games and interact. There will also be a childcare center.
    ? Keep the pressure off the family. Grandparents can spend time interacting with their peers while watching their kids at the same time. This avoid the parents having to pay childcare fees
    ? Avoid hidden trouble. Playing at our center will be safe and fun, avoiding potential problems having kids at home without supervision.
    ? A community center. This center will play a vital role for education and cultural development.
    ? A childcare center. Families who do not have someone to watch over their own kids will have the option to go for the private childcare section.
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    The plan:
    ? Construction of ...

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