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Analyze the Audience: Distant Learning Scenario

Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other officers of a company that invests in distance learning startups. your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start and you have mentor you can turn to for help. using a business tone and format compose a 2-3 page letter that would be suitable to send as an email to this mentor, and address the following so that he can be of assistance to you.


Analyze the audience (be creative and imagine who the CEO and other officers are). This means answering questions:

1. What is important to this type of audience, what they would be most interested in learning from you, or who they are , what do they expect what do they feel, state the objectives in your presentation like as a result of my presentation the audience will and identifying exactly what you want your audience to do, say or know.

2. As a result of your talk make a list of the topics of your presentation that will be covered, select a medium for your presentation to the CEO and explain why you chose it determine the image you want to portray at this presentation and provide details on how you will project this image and what could help you do this how you want to come across to the CEO and the high ranking officers, what image you think will impress them and how specifically can you project this image (what kind of clothes, vocabulary, speaking style,and delivery tools that will help you project this image).

I need ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

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Based on the scenario, this solution responds to the questions on identifying the intent of the presentation and analyzes the audience (be creative and imagine who the CEO and other officers are) on various dimensions e.g. who they are, what do they expect what do they feel, etc.