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    Important information about Business Presentation

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    This assignment will build upon the investment company scenario that you encountered in the unit 3 IP1. (doc1 attached for ref.)

    Your meeting with the CEO and other officers of the distance learning investment company will last for 35 minutes. You must get them to buy into your idea or the project will fade away.

    You need to detail in depth what you plan in order to be prepared to give this presentation. In a Word document type out your plan which should include the following:

    - An outline of the presentation points (you will then use these to develop your PowerPoint)
    - List of materials needed
    - Image you want to portray and reasons for specific items needed to portray a particular image to your audience
    - What you plan to wear

    Conclude with your unique strategy plan and approach to make the presentation memorable (incorporate at least four specific ideas to make it memorable from the material covered in units 4 and 5). (doc2 attached for ref.)

    Then create the persuasive PowerPoint presentation you will use to sell your message to the investment company in this scenario.

    Research in the Cybrary and on the Internet to find information to help you support your argument. Be sure to document your sources with parenthetical citations, and credit your sources in an APA format bibliography.


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