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    Champake Mendis

    Aug 2004
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    • BSc (Hons), University of Colombo - Sri Lanka, 1993
    • MEngSc, University of Melbourne, 2008 First Class.
    • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment , Australian Business Council, 2007


    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    About Champake Mendis

    An accomplished teacher with certifications in Training & Assessment, Filemaker, and Postgraduate qualifications, Master of Engineering Science and PhD in Computing and Information Systems, Have more than eight years in Australia in building IT solutions to meet business needs, focusing on data intelligence tools and solutions that deliver strategic advantages to the business considering specially security, hardware, networking aspects and IT, Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry core knowledge developed via Bachelors, Masters and PhD studies.

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    Leading a web development project for a nonprofit organization

    A nonprofit organization would like you to lead a Web site development project for them. The organization has Internet access that includes space on a Web server, but has no experience developing Web pages or Web sites. In addition to creating their Web site, they would like you to train two people READ MORE »

    Computer Science / Graphics » 192974

    Work Breakdown Structure


    - Read and review the attached document.
    - This requires a WBS and preliminary project schedule based on the information in the attached document.
    - Use the information in the attached document in creating task lists and WBS to develop a work breakdown structure (preferably in MS P READ MORE »

    Computer Science / Hardware / Integrated Circuits » 35311

    Please answer me for these questions in detail for each question.

    Exercise 1

    In the following exercises, you will use the data in the Premiere Products database (shown in the attachment). Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results:

    1.Craete the TopLevelCust view described in the following:
    Using data from the Premiere Products database, def READ MORE »

    Computer Science / Data / Data Structures / Databases » 44355

    System design

    You have been contacted by Becca, the owner of a local coffee house, who is interested in offering Internet access to her customers. The coffee house has an area of 400 square feet, consists of two rooms and a coffee bar, and is already wired for phone service but not for cable. Becca would like to READ MORE »

    Computer Science / Computer Systems Organization / Computer-Communication Networks » 86247
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